Helpful Tips for Building a Metal Building

Choose the right metal building and building company with this advice from American Buildings in Shawnee, Kansas. We want you to be a fully informed consumer so you can see why our steel-frame metal buildings, including steel frame horse barns and other American metal buildings, are the best around. Contact us to order metal buildings in Kansas and Missouri.

Do Your Homework

When choosing a building company, be sure to:
• Get the full name, address, and phone number of the building company.
• Ask how long they have been in business and get the name of the owner.
• Check your local Better Business Bureau.
• Request a minimum of 3 local references. (Note: We automatically provide 45 plus references, with more available upon request.)
• Find out if the company has established relationships with local building authorities, codes administrators, erectors, concrete companies, electricians, plumbers, architects, and engineers. This is very helpful during the building process.

American Buildings Office - Shawnee, Kansas

Select Your Metal Building

When choosing a building, you need to ask these questions to make the right decision:

Is the Building All Steel?

Steel is maintenance-free with no wood rot, no termites, no nails backing out, no cracking or splitting, and no fire hazards. For those reasons, most insurance rates are less expensive if the building has an all steel frame versus a wood frame. Call your insurance provider for an exact quotation when you are choosing shopping for steel frame horse barns.

Steel Truss or I-Beam Construction?

I-beam construction means solid steel red iron frame with solid steel columns, beams, roof purlins and wall girts. Since our columns are generally spaced 20''-30'' apart, you get more usable space and more flexibility to add windows and doors with our I-beam construction. Steel truss or webbed truss frames are not solid, therefore they have to be spaced approximately 4''–15'' apart. Many truss buildings come with wood roof purlins and wall girts.

What Gauge Is the Sheet Metal?

Our buildings are standard 26-gauge sheet metal. Many truss buildings and pole barns are 29 gauge. The lower the gauge number the heavier the sheet metal. We use PBR (purlin bearing rib) roof and wall panels, which means all sheets overlap before they screw down, therefore reducing the chance of leaks.

Is the Building Certified?

Our buildings are certified, which is a requirement on many commercial and industrial projects.

Does the Building Come with Drawings?

All of our buildings come with a complete set of stamped-engineered drawings and an anchor bolt layout plan. Many cities and counties also require a stamped foundation plan by a local engineer, which we provide upon request at a nominal fee.

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