Start the Process Off with a Building Quotation

Request a building quotation online from American Buildings, Inc. in Shawnee, Kansas. We make sure to offer the most competitive prices possible for erecting our steel-frame metal buildings in Kansas and Missouri. Contact us to learn more about our steel frame workshop buildings and other American metal buildings.

What to Look For

Here are a few suggestions of what to look for when it comes to your building quotation with us or anyone else:

• First and foremost, be sure to always get any building quotation in writing.

• Always check with your local city or county building permit department to verify that the code and loads will be acceptable to obtain a building permit, and in some cases pass a building inspection. You need to know the:

Building Code | Live Load | Snow Load | Wind Load | Wind Exposure

• Make sure the building quotation includes the actual accessories, such as overhead doors, walk doors, windows, and insulation. Assuming all accessories are included can be misleading.

Farm, Building Quotation in Shawnee, KS

• The quote should include freight to your job site as well as applicable sales tax or usage tax.

• You need to know who is responsible for unloading the building upon delivery and what kind of equipment is needed. Check to see if the building company
  provides this service.

• Find out who is responsible for erecting the building.

• See if the building quotation includes all trim for the building, such as formed base trims that seal up your base and eliminate the need for a sheet metal ledge
  in the concrete.

Contact us at (866) 305-7345 to find out more about requesting an online building quotation for metal buildings in Kansas and Missouri. We are ready to assist you with steel frame workshop buildings and additional American metal buildings.