Why You Should Use Our American Steel Frame Services for Your Building

When it comes to American steel frame services, American Buildings, Inc. offers nothing less than superior quality products. Whether you’re looking to build a steel-framed barn, workshop, or shelter, our crew of qualified contractors will help construct the perfect building for your needs.

A steel framed building has many advantages over one constructed purely with wood. Though the latter may be more cost-effective at first, steel framing will last much longer and withstand the elements with much more grace. They are also much easier to install, as the frames are engineered to fit into the skids simultaneously without any extra fasteners. However, the most important benefit of our American steel frame services is the safety and durability our constructions will provide.

Steel framed buildings are fire resistant, making them immensely safer than a wood construction could ever be. Steel is also unable to be penetrated by termites, rodents, and mold so you can be sure your space is hazard free all year long! A steel construction will not buckle or lose it shape overtime, as it does not wear down as easily as wood can. If you’re looking for American steel frame services in the Kansas area, we guarantee our company is the best for the job.

American Buildings Inc. will do everything from excavation to the concrete construction when you call on our services for your next building project. We’re able to build a custom design to your exact specifications and requirements so your final product will be absolutely perfect. With our services, you can customize everything right down to the color of your building! Our American steel frame services are suitable for a large variety of different projects, such as commercial, residential, agricultural, recreational, and institutional.

Founded in 1992, American Buildings, Inc. takes pride in the one-on-one customer service we provide and we will always make sure you’re talking to a real, qualified person when inquiring about our American steel frame services. If you’re interested in having us construct your new barn, garage, or shelter, contact us today at 866-305-7345 to receive a free quote on your next project.